These stories help to represent the range of journalistic work I have done. Some earned awards. Some earned praise. Some are just unusual experiences that I like to share. Beyond that, res ipsa loquitur ("the thing speaks for itself"):

Societal issues arise as video games expand in the entertainment world

Quirky people and places of the state

A gentle story of a man and a goose ... and the love between them

A West Coast judge thrust into one of the biggest controversies of our time

You're going to love this one, and other cliches

Deeds of a Russian hero, chance connection to Vancouver, immigrants follow

Vancouver's most prominent piece of architecture: A giant beer can

Pure Northwest beauty: Salmon jumping in streams

Sprawl meets lettuce farm, raises specter of Japanese internment

Bird rescue becomes a bizarre lifestyle

Taking pride in a car, from an alternative perspective

Baldy the barber focuses on what he does best: The buzz

Panhandlers go where the traffic is: highway interchanges

There was this one guy still bringing milk bottles to the door

Living with a last name that also serves as a recurring punchline